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Panel antenna23cm
(tnx to ON4VVV)

STE 12-4040 paneel antenne 15 dBi gain – N-female 45 x 45 cm

For all sure, the square above the circle is the panel antenna -HI-

As you can see this antenna has an easy mounting, can be used vertical or horizontal. The reflector is a metal square supporting the whole construction and foreseen by an sealed N-Type Connector .

Just mount on a peace of tube, connect your cable, seal it with some tape or crimp tube and you are on-air in no time.

The promised 15dBi is not over estimated, Comparing tests on 1275 MHz - ATV gives a 3db better gain than my 19 ell Yagi (who was constructed for 1295 MHz)

As soon as I can mount a rotor on the tube I'll give reports on openings angle, but as it looks now the direction is not very critical. I beamed the direction on sight referring my 10GHz antenna right below.

Tnx to All Communications - ON4VVV making the antenna disposable for tests.


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